Island Greenway
Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Ft. Fisher, North Carolina
Bike/Pedestrian Greenway Project

As Pleasure Island continues to grow, we need to maintain opportunities for the safe enjoyment of our island and its resources that both residents and visitors treasure. Pleasure island thrives as a small island with tourism as its largest  industry.   A user friendly environment for walking and biking is an essential amenity for growing tourist destinations.   However our infrastructure reality reflects an entirely different picture. Our roads sidewalks and shoulder paths that we rely on have become overcrowded and compromised when our tourist season hits full stride. Our discontinuous sections of sidewalk and shoulder paths become dangerous for our children, citizens and visitors alike. The implementation of the Pleasure Island Bike and Pedestrian Greenway (referred on this site as simply the Island Greenway) will begin our  island’s trek towards becoming bike and pedestrian friendly while linking all of our parks and tourist destinations with a path way system.

The proposed Pleasure Island Greenway will be a pedestrian bike path that will extend from the Northern Tip of our island (at the Snow’s cut Boat Access area) to the Southern Tip of our Island at Federal Point (Approximately 9.5 Miles)

The Island Greenway will provide a haven for people to quietly and safely enjoy our island while offering healthier choices in the future for all of our citizens and visitors. Our children could once again enjoy safe routes to schools, parks, beaches and play grounds. Families could once again have an alternative to the car to run errands, or go to events and they will be able to enjoy safe family fun while biking or simply just taking a stroll with one another.

The Island Greenway is an idea developed by citizens of Pleasure Island and supported by Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, New Hanover County and the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization.  For the Island Greenway to become a reality we need you to help support this cause.  Please come to our meetings, reply to this website and help spread the word so that everyone knows there is support for the Greenway.